There is no easy way to say this: Fuck your face if you are Anti-choice. We all knew this was going to happen. In this episode we are joined by Bunky ...View Details

On this quickie we get a glimpse into a lecture on STI’s that Ashley, aka Professor Weller, does at local schools in Orange County! It’s a bit of a di...View Details

In this Full frontal YOU are the guest! I complied a load of anonymous questions and answer them ON THE FLY live on air! There are some deep questions...View Details

Ahh sex before marriage. Something 95% of us do. And yet the stigma and shame surrounding that idea still has a stronghold on many cultures, religions...View Details

Hello fellow humans! We have a random quickie here for you. A cacophony of questions and guess that position game! We turned lemons into sexy lemonade...View Details

ATTENTION HUMANS! We’ve got a brand new quickie for you! After covid, moving and starting spring semester, I HAVE BEEN A BUSY 🐝! Join us for a catch u...View Details

🚨❌TRIGGER WARNING ⛔️⚠️ In this Full Frontal we discuss sexual assault. We talk to a young woman who not only endured assault from a babysitter as a ch...View Details

Hello fellow humans! In this quickie we dissect Valentine’s Day! All the history, statistics and sex surrounding this ridiculous holiday. Join us! As ...View Details

In this Full Frontal we talk to MSW Amanda about her job, her experience with body image and the sexual experience she has had with famous people in h...View Details

What if I told you that romance doesn’t have to be the center of your world? What if I said, that your soulmate, your life partner, your “person” can ...View Details

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