Hello fellow humans! Thought we would do a quickie to cover the MXP; or monkey pox, outbreak recently. We break down the vaccine, the symptoms and tra...View Details

🚨DISCLAIMER: Our guest was not part of hook-up culture, rather was a self-described serial-monogamist. We misrepresented her experience in dating in t...View Details

Hello Fellow Humans! In this Full Frontal we are joined by fellow sex educator, Instagram maven, Brie aka “That Sex Lady” and we are talking shop! We ...View Details

Hello sweet humans! In our first full frontal of season 3 we have guest Christina from AgencyLa.co discuss what is is like to be a sugar baby, what it...View Details

Hello fellow humans! Season 3 is here and Robert and I are so thankful for the continued love and support from you all! In our first episode for this ...View Details

Hello Humans! On this quickie I breakdown my journey getting and replacing my IUD. During these unprecedented and unpredictable times, when womens hea...View Details

Hello Humans! It’s pride month so we wanted to go over the ever growing and sometimes confusing definitions of the LGBTQQIIA+ alphabet! We hope it she...View Details

In this spicy 🌶 quickie we talk about BDSM, kink and fetish! I recently saw a presentation by a Dom and wanted to dive deeper into the world of sadism...View Details

Read Rover Read Rover send LAUREN RIGHT OVER! On this juicy episode we talk to CEO and founder of The Read Rover Bookclub and my dear friend Lauren ab...View Details

In this episode we have on our good buddy, Kent, who discusses his struggles with mental health and Bipolar Disorder, how he copes and the devastating...View Details

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